This blog belong to Miss Pain and is her place where she invites other Masters or Domina's to play in her Camp.

They will either work together with Miss Pain or managing their slaves by themselves.

We will publish information about scenes lasting a bit longer, and when the scene involves more than 2 people.

The nature if the blog is mostly BDSM and bondage, but also photoshoots and other BDSM related information.



Denne bloggen tilhører Miss Pain og er hennes sted hvor hun inviterer andre Masters eller Domina's til å leke i hennes Camp.

De vil enten jobbe sammen med Miss Pain eller håndtere sine slaver selv.

Vi vil legge ut informasjon om settinger som varer litt lengre, og når settingen innebærer mer enn 2 personer.

Naturen hvis bloggen er stort sett BDSM og bondage, men også photoshoots og BDSM-relatert informasjon.

Nyt bloggen!

tirsdag 15. november 2016

New toys to play with on my slave

Got some new toys ready to play with on my slave on next visit.

First up is some Play Wax Candles in red, purple and black. They have low melting point and should be great. Looking forward to test these out on her great skin.

Next up is a beautiful and painful flogger, and I really hope this will bring her to new "levels" of pain.
Can't wait to test this out.

I have to mention that my slave, and that made me proud, now is marked as mine, as she is wearing a "All Day Mark" as in a beautiful ring, with a i ring on. For those of you that have watched "The Story of O" or read the book know what I'm talking about. As soon as i get the chance I will post a picture of this ring as well.


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